MINI PENNY: The Columbus Arts Festival

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Columbus Arts Festival

It was so chilly when I went to work this morning. Thankfully, by the time I got off at 11am, it had warmed up a bit. Geoff was off work, so we decided to swing down to the Columbus Arts Festival. I grabbed a couple cameras and we were out the door!

We parked down in the Discovery District by my old apartment. I missed that place — the brick roads, the greenery, the silly landlord. I loved the trees and plants and old buildings lining the sidewalk, so I made Geoff take my photo first thing. He's getting better at it!

So we took our little walk a couple blocks to the Columbus Arts Festival. Today was the first day and I recommend that if you're in Columbus that you stop by! It's on CCAD Campus (aka: my old stomping ground) and there are tons of booths and artists, food, and music.

Now, my favorite part of today was the game that we were playing. There's a group in Columbus called @TweetAndGoSeek. We were into it last fall but they understandably went on hiatus during the winter. We have been so excited to play again. Anyway, the premise of the game is that you follow this Twitter account. At their discretion, they leave these great little collaged wooden blocks in different parts of the city. On the back of the block is typically a code that you redeem for a gift certificate. They're all for local businesses!

We scored four blocks today — a $20 gift certificate to Refectory, a free trio ice cream at Jeni's Ice Cream (so delicious!), two free tickets to a ShadowBox show, and a $5 gift certificate for some Italian ice which we redeemed at the fair. I also played one game, which I normally don't do, but the money was for a good cause. I ended up winning an awesome Wonderland Candle Lab Candle! We also had some mediocre fair food for lunch and it ended up getting really hot outside. We stopped inside the Columbus Art Museum for a brief moment (it's free during the fair!) and then headed home.

So, thus far it has been a good day! We have a couple of friends in town from Chicago so we are planning to see them this weekend. If you're around the city, check out the Short North Yard Sale and Gallery Hop tomorrow!

Chelsea Crew Tan Perforated Oxfords, UO
Grey straw fedora, UO
Gold Triangle Necklace, Ashaloo on Etsy
Striped Short Sleeve Button-Up, Thrifted
BDG Double Wrap Belt, UO
Floral cotton dress, Forever 21
Vintage Structured Kodak camera bag, Thrifted

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