MINI PENNY: Olentangy Caverns

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Olentangy Caverns

Today Geoff and I were searching for something to do, so we headed up to Delaware to see the Olentangy Caverns. The caverns are for sale and there's a rumor that it may be sold to a private owner — meaning that it could be potentially closed to the public. We wanted to see this roadside attraction before that happens. Hopefully it doesn't!

We started our date with a round of putt-putt golf. Geoff (somehow) beat me by two strokes! I demand a re-match as soon as possible!

We met up with our tour guide at 3:20 in front of the main building to start our cavern tour. In all honesty, I would have rather went guide-less, but they don't offer that package during this season. Our tour guide was maybe sixteen or seventeen, wearing flip flops, and was totally incapable of answering questions. She also slipped up a couple of times and made a few culturally insensitive remarks. Definitely uncool.

The caverns themselves were very interesting. It was cold and wet and slippery, but well-lit and were really visible. The gift shop also had many cheap roadside goodies but also had some items that could easily be perceived as being culturally insensitive as well.

The rain was spotty on and off all day, but nothing too major. I would recommend seeing the caverns during the summer when you'd like to escape to some nice and cool underground caves!

I picked up this little beaded necklace at the gift shop. Do you like it?

Sequin headwrap, UO
Orange silk blouse, thrifted
Black leather belt, thrifted
Denim shorts, thrifted
Black tights, Target
Big Buddha oxfords, Bakers
Beaded necklace, Olentangy Caverns Gift Shop

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