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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pride Festival

Finally! One of my favorite days of the whole year — The Columbus Ohio Pride Festival! I was really excited to head down to the Short North to take part in all of the activities. Geoff went off skateboarding early this morning and was running late coming home, but we made it down in time.

I had checked the weather before leaving and didn't think it was going to rain. I was wrong. We were stuck without an umbrella. We stationed up outside of the Short North Tavern and had a pretty good view of the parade. It cleared out a tiny bit by some sprinkles, so we were able to get right up front. Thankfully the rain stopped before the parade got to us and I was able to get lots of lovely photos. Ready for a mini photo spam? Set! Go!

The parade was very long and there were so many happy and interesting people! I really love Pride Festival. It's great to see so many members of our community standing together for equal rights! At one point I did cry just a bit thinking about it all. I'm a softie when it comes to these things, I suppose.

After the parade ended, we headed to Goodale Park for the rest of the festival. There were a lot of vendors, including food, booze, and pride-related items. Oh and don't forget the live entertainment! We walked around and enjoyed some sweet tea, and saw my good friends Kurfiss and Jer! After a bit, it started raining steadily, and we were both pretty soaked, so we decided to head back to the car. I was sad to go so early, but we had no clue when the rain would let up.

This morning I finally got around to studding the second pair of acid wash shorts I bought! I picked these up for a dollar or so while thrifting. They're almost exactly like my other shorts, but a little whiter and have more even fray. Now they've got a cute butt pocket!

Sheer white tank, thrifted
BDG Skinny Velvet Belt, UO
Acid Wash studded shorts, Thrifted + DIY
Deena & Ozzy asymmetrical wedges, UO

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