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Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Look

I wanted to wear something with a great summery feel today, so I put this little outfit together. And then, of course, when I stepped outside, it was raining! Typical Ohio weather, right? It's supposed to storm tomorrow morning — bad news! Since my car is still in the shop, then I'm forced to bike to work tomorrow. Normally I wouldn't mind, but the storm will make it less than wonderful if that's the case...

See more photos after the jump!

Most of my outfit is all thrifted or DIY! I love it when they work out this way. I made the belt from a leather cord and a button. Cute, right? The shirt came connected to a sheer top I thrifted, so I chopped it off into a crop. And the shorts started off as thrifted capris!

I thrifted these loafers months ago but haven't figured out what to wear them with until now. They're perfectly comfy and have the best small gold studs!

Cutoff white tank, thrift + DIY
Cutoff high rise gingham shorts, thrift + DIY
White leather cord belt, DIY
White loafters, thrift
Faux-antique necklace, UO
Braided head wrap, Forever 21

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