MINI PENNY: Black Listed

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Black Listed

What a long day! It took us a while to get up and moving today. Eventually we headed down to the Short North for Gallery Hop. It was pretty decent weather, but the humidity was insane. We stopped in quite a few of the new galleries and boutiques tonight. Do you know what that means? I have tons of new DIY ideas!

This top was part of yesterday's thrift haul. It actually started out as a really awful bodysuit, but was pretty easy to turn into this cute cropped sheer top. When I saw it, I immediately though of this image that I reblogged quite a while ago on my Tumblr:

You can't tell from the photo, but the idea is basically the same. The blouse is totally sheer except for the collar and chest pockets. It's perfect. The photo above is obviously from a runway. Does anyone know the designer or show? I'd like to give the "inspiration" the proper credit!

Since I purchased this small 90s leather backpack a few months ago, I've become mildly obsessed with similar styles. When I was in the third grade (mid-90s), I had a purple mini pack with brown suede details. I used to carry my Disney Pocahontas markers in it around school. I was really cool, obviously.

We heard fireworks tonight but didn't see any. There's a parade happening in Columbus this Monday, so I think we're going to check that out. We're also expecting some thrift stores to have Independence Day sales. So what are you plans for the rest of the weekend?

Cooperative Lace Up Wedges, UO
Vintage Small Leather Backpack, thrifted
Sheer Crop Button Up, Thrifted + DIY
Damsel Black Lace Bralette, UO
Found Objects Necklace, DIY
Teal braided belt, Forever 21
Nom de Plume by Yaya Leopard Print tap shorts, UO
Thigh-high socks, Target
Panther Ring, Rudy’s Roundup


  1. I totally miss my mini-backpack.... might have to look for one of these. :)

  2. Hey Chaplinn! I found your blog via Kaylah´s and i´m so happy about this! I read through all your posts yesterday and honestly did not find a boring one :) I like your style of writing and of course your personal style and sense for fashion. And all the most i love your DIY tutorials and stuff you altered! cheers Julia

  3. @Cas — I've been seeing more of them in thrift shops lately. It looks like some people are getting rid of them just when they're "coming back in"!!

    @Bananenblatt — Thank you so much for the kind words! Thanks for reading and I always appreciate input and comments. :)

  4. Love that sheer top. Just discovered your blog, it's very inspirational, I must say! I also love doin a bit of DIY myself :) I also really like the way you do your hair, very simple, very cute!

  5. LOVE the shoes, but I already told you that on instagram. I took the plunge, and I started a blog. Let's see how it goes, shall we?


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