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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Flower Power

Happy Sunday! We finished off our lovely weekend with a little day out. We hit up the Ohio Craft Museum, some putt-putt golf, and the mall (what?! Don't worry, we didn't buy anything!).

So, first of all, the Ohio Craft Museum. This place is super close to the apartment and has really interesting shows. Today we went to check out their two exhibits about boxes and national treasures. It's free to get in and we can always take away some great inspiration from the pieces. The image on the bottom left is actually a box. It's titled "Red Bridge" and is by Emi Ozawa. The piece on the bottom right is by an artist named Po Shun Leong. There were multiple pieces by this individual and they were all very intricate! This specific piece is made from historical wood — including Mulberry Burl that was planted by George Washington at Mt. Vernon!

After we left the Craft Museum, we headed down to a putt-putt course that I remember playing when I was younger. Sadly, it was really run down and in bad shape. We made the best of it, though, and shot these lovely photos of my new dress on the weird "mountain" part of the second course. Today I just felt so girly and wonderful. It was really warm but didn't get really bad until later in the afternoon. After three games, I ended up beating Geoff! They added a really cheesy 9-hole blacklight course that wasn't very good. Who knows what they're thinking...

We ended the day by going to the mall. Some time during the night I was awaken by the sound of breaking glass. Turns out that Geoff's iPhone 4 slid off the bed and hit a drinking glass that was bedside. The damage? The iPhone came off with only an air bubble pushed under the screen protector while the drinking glass was reduced to this:

Weird, right? It's almost like my iPhone shatters with the touch of anything, while his kicks butt and takes name (ie: he also dropped it in the toilet once...) and makes it out unscathed.

So our original plan was to hit up The Apple Store and buy a package of new screen protectors (mine has a bubble from getting scraped by my keys in my purse). They only had front covers, so we left that nightmare of a store and checked out Anthropologie's new window displays. We love just wandering around inside! It's great for DIY inspiration. They had amazing yarn patterns that went along an entire wall. Nails were positioned at even intervals and the yarn was zig zagged between them. Beautiful! Wouldn't it be fun to do this in the home? And I loved finding this Royal Apothic Perfume. I already own a bottle of A Cutting Garden, but now Courts of Venice is at the top of my wishlist!

Don't you love this leather whip stitch pouch? I made it late last night with some materials I got at the thrift store. I'm thinking about posting a how-to and maybe a PDF pattern on how to make these from recycled leather! Would you lovely Minis be interested in that?

I originally bought this dress with the intention of chopping it off. But when I tried it on, I fell in love. It was new with tags and only a buck! It just goes to show that you never really know what kind of gems you'll find while thrifting.

Floral maxi dress, Thrift Store
BDG Double Wrap Belt, UO
Patchwork Floral Wedges, Thrift Store
Gold Headband, Forever 21
Leather Whip Stitch Pouch, DIY

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