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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Maized and Confused

I have known about the Field of Corn for many years but have not bothered to make a trip to see them. Today we had no plans — other than purchasing kitty a new scratching post — so we headed up to Dublin to see them. Geoff is familiar with that part of town while I am not, so he navigated us there.

These cement sculptures are only about ten miles from our apartment, but it hit over 90° today. My car doesn't have air conditioning, so needless to say it was a sweaty ride. Here's the worst part: once we got up to the corn field, I realized that I had forgotten my camera's memory card! Since we had nothing to do, we went home to get the card and returned to the corn.

I love that today's outfit is almost all thrift. I'll post more about the individual pieces tomorrow when I do my Monday thrift round-up. I'm normally nervous about pleated skirts. I don't want to look like Sailor Moon or something, you know? But this skirt was too wonderful for me to pass up and somehow gives more of a girly nautical vibe than a school girl one!

Sparkle and Fade lace tank, thrifted
Gap navy pleated skirt, thrifted
Stretch brown belt, thrifted
Patchwork brown wedges, thrifted
Found objects necklace, DIY
Wooden heart bracelet, Claire’s

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