MINI PENNY: Monsieur Verdoux

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monsieur Verdoux

It was about 100° today, so maybe not the best idea to wear this heavy cotton romper with a lined skirt over top of it. I actually don't care for the romper a great deal (the bottom is frumpy) but really like the pintucking detail at the top.

A lot of people ask me where the name 'Chaplinnn' comes from. It's pretty simple and straight forward: Charlie Chaplin is one of my favorite geniuses. I truly adore him. His films have that certain feeling, you know what I mean? Do you have a favorite Chaplin film? It's hard for me to pick only one, but I adore The Circus, Modern Times, and even The Great Dictator (a talkie!).

I picked up this bowler hat last Christmas with my lovely Charlie in mind. A coworker had purchased one at Forever 21 for rather cheap, so I checked there first. Of course, none of the employees even know what a bowler hat is, let alone tell me where in their wrecked store it could be. I gave up on them pretty quickly, as I normally do, and strolled around the mall. I usually like checking out what shoes Aldo has to offer, and after they didn't have the oxfords I wanted (remember the post where I talked about how much I love my Big Buddha shoes that I found after being disappointed by Aldo...? This was all in the same day), my eyes fell upon this hat. LOVE. It is made so much better than the Forever 21 version I had previously tried on and is just perfect. I'm so happy I found it — and at $20, I couldn't complain!

Ecoté pintuck romper, UO (Gift from Geoff)
H&M A-line skirt, Rag-O-Rama trade
Black stretch belt, thrifted
Aldo bowler hat, Aldo
Platform heels, Forever 21

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