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Friday, July 29, 2011

The State Fair

Geoffrey and I were both off of work early, so we decided to face the heat and head over to the Ohio State Fair. I hadn't been to the far since 1997 — I was in the fourth grade and was in the Ohio State Fair spelling bee (nerd alert!). The thing I remember most about that day, though, was that I lost my Giga Pet (remember those?) from my pocket whilst on a ride. I was so upset that day that I think it may have given me a bad outlook on the fair since. See more fun fair photos after the jump.

We thought that since it is Friday that it would be rather crowded — we were wrong. We got there about 3pm, and our iPhones told us that the "feels like" temperature was 99°F. Ouch. Either way, we had a good time looking at some animals (insert a teary face from us here), some artwork, and enjoyed some excellent people watching.

Needless to say, I consider myself a fan of fair food. I know that it's kind of gross, but hand me a frozen banana and a candied apple and I'm pretty much content for the day. I didn't end up getting either of those things, but I did nab a pretty tasty chocolate-dipped frozen cheesecake slice. Geoff had his fair share (no pun intended) of lemonade.

Look at this guy! We saw tons of animals, but most of them were either in really tiny cages (the chickens and turkeys) or tied to a really short rope (the cows). I love animals and just wanted to cuddle with all of the horses and bunnies. I know, it isn't safe to do that. Oh! And they had clydesdale horses! I know that I saw a few once during a family vacation as a kid, but I didn't remember how huge they are! I was pretty much in awe.

While we love food and animals, we're not too keen on fair rides. We love amusement parks and roller coasters, but there's something about pop-up rides that makes us a little nervous. Either way, we enjoyed a few rounds on the ferris wheel. We even took a ride on the sky tram that goes across the park. The carts are all really cute colors.

I picked up this romper in last weekend's thrift haul. It is (or was) a size large, so I took it in quite a bit. I'm pretty glad that I wore this, though, because it was loose and breathable enough to keep me cooler for the day. I also had to take the belt in to fit me correctly. I'd say that I'm a sucker for a red+white combo!

Have you been to any fairs or carnivals this summer?

White romper, Refashioned thrift
Red Stretch belt, refashioned thrift
T-rex necklace, Cincinnati Museum Center
Kimchi Blue Skimmers, UO

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