Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beloved Weekly #6

I don't really care much for Miranda July's work, but there's just something about this image that gets me. I think recently with all of the good things that have been happening, I sometimes catch myself thinking, Is this really happening? am I here? Does anyone else do this or am I crazy?

This amazing color scheme found over at Owl vs. Dove. I'm definitely inspired by this for fall and will be on the lookout for mustard and pale pinks.

This vintage image of Mickey and Minnie Mouse by Miehana on Flickr. Geoff and I got to talking the other day about Disney (my brother and his wife go a couple times a year), and I found out that Geoff has never been to neither Disneyland nor Disney World. He's turning 36 this weekend and it kind of bummed me out that he has never had this experience. I would love to take him on a Disney World getaway for a week where we could just act like kids and have fun — I started telling him all about the awesome Animal Kingdom park, which really had me nostalgic for the place.

My brother just picked up the wide angle/macro/telephoto lenses from Photojojo. I've been wanting these ever since I saw Bob's sample shots, but now that Steve has them, the macro lens is at the top of my wish list. I would say that twenty bucks is a pretty good deal and I hope that I'll be seeing this in my near future...!

That's all for me! It was a short list this week, I know, but I have other posts in the planning! Stay tuned...

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