Tuesday, August 9, 2011

KarmaLoop? More like KarmaLove!

I'm going to go ahead and dub today "Tuesday Shoesday." I'm just in a footwear kind of mood! Anyway, I love to regularly peruse KarmaLoop. As of today, there is now a referral/KarmaLoop code that will be living on my sidebar, I thought maybe I would share some of my favorite shoes from their current (huge) stock. See my picks after the jump.

I have purchased form KarmaLoop before. A few months ago I was obsessed with the Vans Authentic Leopard Print lo pros. They had popped up on Urban Outfitter's website and before I got a chance to buy them, they had already sold out! I searched high and low, and since I don't like buying from Journey's (because of the horrible customer service I have gotten in the past), I came across KarmaLoop.

So I ordered my dream Vans — they only had my size left, and after I submitted my order, they were then showing as sold out. Was is possible that I had really purchased the last pair? A couple of days later, my order shipped and they were in my hands within a week. They are as beautiful as I had hoped and I am extremely happy with KarmaLoop's fast service and shipping.

Okay, so here are my current top six shoes from the website:
1. Vans Bailie Boot in Luxe Floral, $70
2. Jeffrey Campbell Ad Long Brogue in B&W, $160
3. Substitute Club Kid Shoe in Black, $94
4. Soul Boutique De Vil Bootie in Leopard Print, $115
5. Messeca Coraline shoe in Teal, $132
6. Dr. Martins 1460 in Taupe Victorian Flowers, $102

What are your favorite shoes right now? Remember that if you use the code FREESTYLE, you get free shipping on orders over $50!

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