Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beloved Weekly #9

This photo from rbateson of an Athens Bicycle Shop.

By Markys2010 on Flickr.

This Daria tattoo is probably one of my favorites I've seen in a long while. By Matt Wes of Family Tattoo in Chicago.

I nabbed myself the cutest new iPhone wallpaper from demographik.

Does it make me a cat lady since I want these cat shoes and cat pants? From The Cherry Blossom Girl. The shoes are by Miu Miu.

I really want some great flowers for my apartment. I love these romantic colors. Photo from Everything Fabulous.

This has me wishing that I lived in a climate where I could have an outdoor shower. Beautiful, right? From Studio Blog.

And more:
▲ A thoughtful quote: "The invention of the ship was also the invention of the ship wreck." - Paul Virilo
▲ I bought this planner the other day (so cute!) — I prefer planners and calendars to my iPhone because I love to physically write things down. 
▲ I finally experienced ULTA. And I'm in love!
▲ Discovering crazy and thoughtful documentaries on Netflix Instant is definitely a guilty pleasure! Any suggestions?

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