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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The First Hundred Days

I can't believe it, Minis! Today is my 100th Daily Outfit post! That's right, I haven't missed a single day since I started this project. I've been having so much fun with putting these ensembles together that I almost let this milestone pass me by. Okay, okay, enough of my gibberish. I'm just going to keep going with this and see how long it goes. Excited? Me, too!

First of all, I want to start out by talking about our Gallery Hop adventures (they were quite calm, no worries) last night...

So there's this amazing little shop in the Short North called Tigertree. I'm sure I've mentioned them a time or two (cause I might be borderline obsessed with their store set ups, window displays, and great products). Last night Geoff and I were just walking down the street and I was about to say "hey, let's go in that one store we never go into..." only to instead look up (expecting to see the other store's logo) and seeing a beautiful new laser cut Tigertree wooden sign. Could it be? Tigertree moved store locations?

Well, it's true. They moved a few spaces north of their original store and oh. my. goodness. Not only is the new store spacious with tons of new displays and product, but it even has a great second level lofted over the ground floor. You can see the amazing hanging-arrow window display and the reclaimed wood shelving that held everything from animal pillows to backpacks and beyond. I swear that this store can do no wrong. They have really mastered the feeling that you're shopping in an art space. Not to mention that the owners are so stinking nice that it hurts (in a good way). I'm so excited to see what else this team does with Tigertree. I recommend checking out their blog and website, or even stop by their store if you're into the Columbus area.

Secondly, I'd like to mention Brigade. This is a new store that has popped up on High Street this summer and Geoff originally wanted to go in to check out their display work (since of course, that's what he also does for a living!). The first time we went in, I was really impressed. The staff was friendly and helpful. Last night I just wanted to see if they had started getting any goodies in for fall, and I'm so happy we did. They had a couple pairs of Jeffrey Campbells that I had yet to see before. And let me tell you how happy these non-Lita beauties made me. Their shoes are from a group called Repertoire Shoes and I later realized that I had bought a pair of my Fred Perry shoes from them a couple years ago. Anyway, Brigade had a whole rack of gorgeous Cheap Monday clothing, as well as some other labels that had me so inspired to start making more of my own pieces!

Gallery Hop is really a wonderful night. Last evening's weather was perfect and we had a good time going out and seeing the art and shops. With all of the excitement, though, Tigertree and Brigade were really shining yesterday! Kudos!

Onto today, then? Okay. Well the Statehouse has a lovely little museum on the basement level, so we started there. Of course I had to snap a photo of Abe and couldn't pass up this Tecumseh quote: "Show respect to all people, but grovel to none."

The rotunda of the Statehouse is really breathtaking. My favorite part is that it's pink. I mean, how did it end up pink? Either way, I feel like I'm standing in a giant, beautiful cupcake. The flooring tile is almost hypnotic, so be careful! ;)

So I snapped a couple of cute photos of Geoff and he did the same of me (hehe, we're so dorky!) and we explored the place. It was a little eerie in some hallways since we were the only people in the whole place besides the guards. Of course we couldn't get out of the habit of whispering among all of the winding hallways and staircases.

I added another item to my found object necklace! My mom got me an antique key on her quilting trip recently, and I decided to slip it on with these other items. Also, this sweater is probably my new favorite fall item. It started as a vintage men's sweater that I was a little unsure of. I cut it into a hi-low crop, rolled the sleeves, and fell head over heels! Also, dare I spill the beans that I actually found these Dolce Vita for Target boots brand new at the thrift store for five bucks? I own one of the other styles from the same line and really have fun with them. How could I pass these up?

So yes, it's been a great weekend so far. I can't wait to hang out with my mom tomorrow and enjoy my day off. What have you gotten into?

Vintage men’s sweater (altered), thrift + DIY
Vintage acid wash high rise shorts (altered), Rag-O-Rama Dollar Sale + DIY
Sheer black tights, drugstore
Dolce Vita for Target boots, thrifted
Skinny velvet black belt, UO
Found objects necklace, DIY
Pappagallo orange satchel, thrifted
Ceramic feather earring, UO
Wolf ring, UO
Black panther rhinestone ring, Rudy’s Roundup

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