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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Days

Today I worked a short shift and found myself with a few hours of extra time. I should have been photographing the new awesome housewares for the Etsy shop, but instead decided to shower and give myself a 50s-inspired makeover.

I started with velvet hot rollers and curled all of my hair. After I took them out, I pulled up the two sections (sort of like barrel rolls? I'm not very keen on 50s-style lingo) and pinned them. I used my curling iron to pull my bangs under just a tad and curl any sections that needed extra oomph. Our weather is forecasted to be rainy until next Wednesday (boo!), so the rain and humidity really made my hair go flat before we shot the photos. It started out extra-curly and bodacious. Stupid rain!

As far as the makeup goes, I started at my eyes. I've been holding on to some false lashes (these particular ones are from E.L.F.) and totally finally got up the guts to try them. It took me a few moments, but I finally made them work. And I really like how they open up my eyes. I used my Maybelline Stiletto Liner in black, blended E.L.F. white and black eyeshadows, and my Blinc mascara on my real lashes for extra pop. I used my trust E.L.F. primer, MAC N20 concealer (I rarely ever use foundation!), Stilla blush, E.L.F. Studio HD Powder, and E.L.F. Complexion Perfection on my skin. And finally, of course, on my lips I used my new Lime Crime Lip Noir Glamour 101. I primed them first with E.L.F. lip plumper and primer, which is one of my favorite products. The first photo is me making a dorky face all dolled up, and the second is my darling Kitty giving me kisses!

These gorgeous cherry red peep toe shoes are for sale in my Etsy Shop!

You may be asking yourself why I decided on this look today. Lime Crime is holding a 1950s-inspired makeup contest and this is my entry! So if you'd like, hop over and 'Like' the photo!

Vintage Houndstooth blouse, thrifted
Red stretchy belt, thrifted
H&M a-line skirt, “free” in a Rag-o-Rama trade
White dotted socks, UO
Red vintage peep toe Italian shoes, Mini Penny (buy them here)
Lip Noir Glamour 101 lipstick, Lime Crime

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