Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hop To It

Happy Saturday, everyone! Here in Columbus it is boiling hot — bummer! We wanted to visit the Sweet Corn Festival, but decided not to go. It's September and we didn't want to sweat the whole day.

Geoff went skateboarding this morning, so I caught up on some posts and made these beautiful shorts. I had originally intended to sell them in my shop, but now I'm not so convinced. They're a high rise black denim, then I took some leather and created a fringe on each back pocket. Then I did a row of studs on each! It's a tad cow girlish.... with a twist, I suppose (?). Either way, I like 'em.

Tonight, however, we are heading down to the Short North Gallery Hop. It's supposed to cool down, but probably not enough to be ultra-comfortable. I'm going to take my flats just so I'm not trying to clomp around in these wedges in the mega-heat — because while these shoes are cute, they aren't made for long distance. Hopefully we'll be meeting up with a few friends tonight as well!

Time to go!

Denim vest, thrifted
Shorts, thrift + DIY
Sunnies, thrifted
Skinny velvet belt, UO
Mixed mesh tank, UO
Asymmetrical wedges, UO
Damsel lace bralette, UO
R2D2 lapel pin, gift from ex-coworker (Emily!)

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