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Sunday, September 25, 2011


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Geoff and I both came to the realization today that we had never been to an Oktoberfest. This is slightly signification, we supposed, considering that both of us has partial German heritage. I was never really raised knowing a lot about German culture and seemingly identify much more with 90s American culture than most anything else. Is that weird? I'm not sure. Perhaps more of a generational thing.

With that being said, we decided to hit up the Columbus Oktoberfest at the Ohio State Fairgrounds. It was, as expected, full of foods and beers, along with a few interesting booths dedicated to German and Dutch candies.

I think my favorite find of the day were these candy cigarettes. Okay, not German, but nostalgic for me nonetheless. There used to be a candy store near my grandparents' house and many times my brother and I would head over there with a whole dollar (!!!) and stock up on candies, taffies, and more. I picked up a few of these (ignoring my serious distain towards real cigarettes) — some for me and some to remind my brother of how silly they were.

The weather was awesome, Geoff enjoyed a drink or two, and I ate a big ol' pretzel. It was a pretty successful day, considering we got out of there with a pound of Pumpkin Fudge and some nostalgic candy!

Oh and I snapped a photo of this little guy! He (she?) was probably one of the prettiest and brightest Monarchs that I recall ever seeing and was really very patient as we watched it feed on the purple flowers.

I know I say all the time how I don't like to buy anything other than basics and costume jewelry from Forever 21, but yesterday I stumbled upon this cape-like sheer blouse and really kind of loved it. After I tried it on, I decided to go ahead and pick it up, regardless of my distain for what they consider to be "statement" pieces. I know this is a great basic that I can wear throughout the winter and since it's not cotton, it won't pill as much as their normal blouses. Hopefully it will last a bit, because I'm really feeling the shape!

Both Geoff and I have tomorrow off from work, so I think we're going to drive down towards Cincinnati for the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Geoff has never been — and I'm a nerd — so it should prove to be a good time for all! I'm sure I'll have plenty of interesting photos from that.

Sheer cape blouse, Forever 21
Leopard print corduroy shorts, Forever 21
Black tights, drug store
Damsel black lace bralette, UO
Big Buddha Rylee oxfords, Bakers

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