Friday, December 16, 2011

Buckle Up

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I cannot even express how happy I am that the weekend is here! Retail during the holidays is so hectic and I spent nine hours on my feet (in these shoes!) today at work. Yikes! Some people may think I'm crazy, but there is a bit of charm in working retail during this time of year. While it's happening, it feels like borderline overload — but after the fact I always find myself romanticizing it!

But I spent the afternoon eating some pizza and watching Hoarders on Netflix, which totally kickstarted my apartment cleaning mode. No matter how organized my place is, when I see an episode of this show I always want to clean more. Maybe it's just a guilty pleasure of mine.

I picked up these shoes yesterday and they're knockouts! Since I'm only 5'1", I love being able to easily get away with monster-sized heels and I think these were a great find.

I'm not even sure what this weekend has in store for me. I believe that it's supposed to snow tonight and early tomorrow, so I thought maybe about going thrifting! I do need to finish (start) some holiday shopping, as well, but really want to make some creative projects this year. It's going to be my first Xmas away from my family — definitely a bit strange for me, but I think my parents are coming up to visit in January. What are your plans for the holiday season?

Knit beanie, H&M
Chain tassel necklace, UO
Denim shirt, thrifted
Black oversized tee, UO
Faux leather shorts, UO Surplus
Black tights, H&M
Speckled Camper Socks, UO
Buckle boots, UO Surplus

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