Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Please Help Us Find Kitty

Edit // Kitty has been located! Thank you for all of the shares, tweets, and good vibes wishing her return. She was found between the walls of the building where she had fallen through about 10+ feet of electrical wires and pipes. She is doing just fine and is at home with Geoff.

Remember good ol' sweet Kitty?

I was so saddened today to receive a text from Geoff that Kitty is lost. While he was away at a new store opening build, one of his roommates accidentally let Kitty out. She's now lost in Brooklyn and we're eagerly awaiting any news on her whereabouts.

I know New York is a big city and she's a little cat, but if anyone by the grace of all that is the internet happens to stumble up this magical creature, please tweet me @jessiebarber or shoot me an email minipennyblog@gmail.com. We want Kitty to be safe and come home!

She's a cozy little fluff ball. And is super friendly and approachable.

Please help!

Of course, if anyone can help us find her, we will be forever grateful. Thank you all for the retweets, etc, and helping us spread the word.

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