MINI PENNY: February 2013

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekstagram // February 24

Oh my gosh, I'm excited. I'm getting deep into the house, starting little projects and finishing others. It feels pretty darn good. Not to mention that final bullet point...

This week, given the time, I am hoping to do a preview post of the house. I can't wait to share! I'm getting anxious!

  • My stuff was delivered on Monday. Madeline is a sight for sore eyes. She still needs repairs, but she's here.
  • A new gift from [guy] — vintage 50s B&L glasses.
  • Selfie just before hopping on the Amtrak to go to New York for Social Media Week. I hit up a couple of conferences that certainly reminded me of a few reasons as to why I love my job and particularly the company that I work for.
  • And in between sessions, I grabbed some pizza with Geoff :)
  • Kingsley [guy's pup] being all America and whatnot.
  • While unpacking, I found a boatload of Paint By Numbers from my old DIY kit projects. I love these.
  • I dyed my hair purple.
  • Sunday was super amazing. [Pinks] and I spent the day at architectural salvages and vintage furniture spots. At the very last place, I saw this great reclaimed wall. I can't wait to do something fun on my back patio like this!
  • And finally (and, to me, the most exciting), I met someone. For now, we'll discreetly call him guy. Until, ya know, later.
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekstagram // February 17

I have been totally MIA recently. I had some posts I wanted to make for Valentine's Day, but nope. Here's the deal: I got my house. It was a wreck and I've spent the better part of the past two weeks fixing it up. I'm so excited to share what it has become. On top of the busyness, I haven't had Internet the entire time. Alright, so little worker bee Jess got distracted. I promise, it'll be worth it.

  • Kelley B came to visit during the Philadelphia Tattoo convention. She stayed with my the first night in my new house — on an air mattress, mind you, because I still don't have any of my furniture from Chicago. Moving companies are the worst.
  • We had a Valentine's Day Party at work on the 13th. I curled my hair and got dolled up, because hey. Why not.
  • The new STRFKR album dropped. It's great, and I can't wait to listen to the vinyl. Again, I'm waiting on my record player to arrive from Chicago (digital download codes from record companies rule in these situations).
  • My Valentine's Day outfit — Wanted glitter boots, hot pink high rise sailor shorts and a big sweater. 
  • Plus some pins to show my true love for home.
  • Baby Dump Truck tried to keep the V-Day party going.
  • And my only Valentine's Day gift (doesn't hurt that it's an awesome gift!) was from the lovely Ms. Morgan. Tulips are my absolute favorite. Side note, I can't wait to garden in the spring! My first green thumb!
  • Purple makeup today for a little brunch date. I almost forgot how much I love Eyeko eyeliner!
  • And I finished the chalkboard paint wall in my kitchen. Today it's time for seasoning and chalking! More on this later...
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weekstagram // Feb 2

I've missed out on posting my Weekstagrams for the past few weeks. Well, this week was just too much fun not to share. Good news? I got my house and Kitty was found!

  • Weekend quality diner time with Lou. I love bad diner coffee and potatoes, so this worked out well.
  • This cozy outfit is one of my favorites. It started with Docs but then I switched over to the YRU platforms.
  • Have you seen this awesome Bear Coat from Workaholics? It has been sitting at my desk and just taunts me to wear it. I give in sometimes. Fur sure.
  • I went a little nutso on the Star Wars Valentine's Day candy at Target. I wish the R2D2 heart box was filled with chocolates, but it has funny little Star Wars themed heart candies instead (they're funny, but what a cruel joke to put non-chocolates in this thing). The Pez dispenser knows what it's doing, though.
  • Um, Burger bean bag chair? Yes. My job has the silliest things and it's so fun. I couldn't resist putting this little dog on it.
  • And lastly — I got my house! I signed the lease last night and immediately went to pick out paint colors. I'm going to be working hard on it all weekend so that it's ready to go as soon as the moving company gets all of my things here from Chicago. Pumped!
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