MINI PENNY: Farewell, Google Reader

Friday, June 28, 2013

Farewell, Google Reader

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We're only days away from Google Reader's official retirement. I've used this platform for years — I check it on my phone when I get up the morning, when I'm at home relaxing, mobile, laptop, you name it. Years.

Regardless of my stubbornness to switch platforms, I finally made the jump today. Talk about cutting it close. I landed on Feedly for my personal reading. It automatically imported all of my Google Reader info, has a great mobile app, and integrates with the Sprout Social software I use.

But if you're not ready to make the jump to Feedly, here are a few ways you can keep up with Mini Penny Blog once Reader is gone for good:

Mini Penny on Bloglovin' - Bloglovin' is awesome. It has a familiar layout, makes it easy to import your Google Reader subscriptions and even claim your own blog.

Google Current - You can find Mini Penny by simply searching and tapping 'Add.' It's not a bad platform, but the downside is that it's mobile only.

Follow Me on Twitter - I recently consolidated my Twitter accounts to one handle: @jessiebarber. I normally tweet about all of my blog posts, so it works well if you don't mind some random updates about watermelon Oreos or Arrested Development quotes.

Mini Penny on Facebook - Subscribe and fan for posts to show up on your Timeline!

What are using to read your favorite blogs?

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