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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Obsessed // The New VSCO Cam

I've been a big fan of what the folks over at VSCO have been doing for quite a while — the first iPhone app, the Lightroom plugins, and now this — the New VSCOCam.

The new app was released not too long ago and I immediately fell in love for it. The filters have the same moodiness that I always loved but with much more control. The interface took me a second to get used to it, but after digging I found a ton of inspiration and totally couldn't wait to start playing.

Perhaps one of the best features is that before you even get to the processing section, VSCO has a super intuitive in-app camera. You can easily select separate focus and exposure rings and move them around as you please. The camera reacts immediately the exposure settings. There are also functions for the LED to remain lit (help for those night life photos!), a simulated square frame to help you plan your shot better, and a white balance lock.

I opted to pay $6 for the full filter set — totally worth it. I've totally abandoned Instagram filters all together since I downloaded VSCO and have even started forgetting Afterlight. That's saying a lot for me, considering my addition to their light leaks. Woah.

And where does this all lead...?

Well shortly after requesting an invite code to VSCO Grid, mine came to my inbox. Gosh, it's gorgeous. With all the changes that are happening on Instagram (I'm officially not a fan of the video capability), I love this ultra-clean set up. I'm posting my favorite images and since there's no following nor 'liking' function, it's pretty low-pressue, for a lack of better terms. You can find me over at

Want more VSCO Inspiration? Head over to their blog. It's full of beautiful images and cool features. Happy photoing!

Download VSCO Cam for iOS here.

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