MINI PENNY: Weekstagram // June 23

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekstagram // June 23

So. Stoked. For summer.

  • Looking back at some Chicago photos. This snap of the Sears Tower was actually the first picture I took when I moved there in October 2011. I was in the moving van with my Dad.
  • I painted the icky gate on my back patio. It's gorge.
  • Oh and as a whole, my back patio is gettin' pretty cute. I use a bunch of leftover scrap fabrics I had lying around to make flag bunting!
  • Of course I had to dig through old photos of Dad for Father's Day. I love this one from around 1988.
  • Rockin' my new Converse on the morning commute.
  • The SPCA visited work and had this adorable (and adoptable) Mr. Hoover with them. Melt.
  • Gothy Friday seems to be a common thing for me lately.
  • Summer beers with my bestie Baby Bird friend. In the span of a minute and a half we had separate crazy people tell us we were a great looking couple, that I have a "very handsome man," and that he has a "fantastic wife." South Philly is so weird.
  • Cat books. Naturally.
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