MINI PENNY: You've Got Nail 8 // Marchesa Review

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You've Got Nail 8 // Marchesa Review

This is the first You've Got Nail post I've done in nearly a month! Because of the move and unpacking, I relaxed a bit on my nail art and length. Now that things are getting in order, I decided to try a new kind of nail decal.

Most of you know that I love nail decals — the Sally Hansen kind is my favorite. They're thin, flexible, and easy to work with. I was excited to try the Revlon by Marchesa nail wraps (because, well, DUH, Marchesa!) that were recently released and picked up two styles here in Chicago. Boy, was I disappointed. At over $10 a pop, one would think that these would be pretty good. Instead, they're thick and make creases over the nail.  In order to get them smooth, I had to file the creases down, touch them up with black nail polish and then follow up with a clear coat. But there's more — as soon as I applied a clear coat, the black portion of the wrap became bubbled and swollen, so I lost most of the detail in the wrap's original design. Bogus.

I fancy myself pretty darn good at doing my nails and haven't really had this bubbling stuff with any other nail wrap or decal I've tried. Anyone else have this issue? Finally, after letting the bubbling settle, I applied about four more coats of clear polish to finally get a smooth surface. I'm really hoping that the second set I bought isn't like this! But the thickness and overall difficulty to work with reminded me more of the cheap decals you can get through various fast fashion retailers — not what I was expecting for the Marchesa line.

Have you tried this collection?

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