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Saturday, November 9, 2013

DIY // Future Banner

I had so much fun making Future Pumpkins last month, that I wanted to extend it further into fall. Introducing: Future Leaves!

I have a great mantle in my apartment (and it's purple), so I really enjoy switching up the banner that drapes across the front. It's an easy, seasonal update and fun project I can continue through the seasons.

Here's what you need:
● Ten or so leaves with stems — a variety or similar, you decide!
● Metallic Paint — spray paint would be easy, but it's impossible to buy in Chicago. I ended up going with the Martha Stewart Special Finish silver metallic paint I used on the Future Pumpkins. You can either do one color or a variety of silvers and golds! I also used the same holographic silver from that post.
● Paint brush (Only if not using spray paint)
● Heavy book and paper towels
● Baker's twine and thread sting for hanging
● Optional: ruler and pencil if you don't want to paint freehand

Step 1: Make sure you dry and press your leaves. I put the leaves between two paper towels inside a large book and let them sit for about a week with a heavy plant on top. If you don't press your leaves, they'll most likely curl and get extra brittle.

Step 2: I did my leaves freehand, but an option is to use a ruler and lightly mark your lines in pencil. I think freehand give 'em a little extra character! Choose a variety of shapes — dip dye, half and half, triangles and circles!

Step 3: Give 'em two or three coats of paint, making sure to allow them to dry in between. I added the holographic to some for fun!

Step 4: Measure your string for the area you'll be hanging it and give it a few extra inches. I used a piece that is 80" long. Loop and tie this around the stems of the leaves, plus make two loops on each end for hanging.

Step 5: To attach the leaves, use sewing thread to tie Xs (similar to a transom knot) and attach the leaves to your string. Space evenly, remove extra string, hang and enjoy!

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