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Friday, December 6, 2013

Come Swap with me at Swapdom!

Hey, wanna trade closets? I've been seeing a few of my favorite bloggers mention Swapdom — and after doing many Shop My Closet sales, Poshmark, and Threadflip, I wasn't sure if I wanted to tackle another marketplace. Well, good news. This one is different. Swapdom is a place where you can, get this, swap your clothing with someone else's. How great of a concept is that?! I think there are many times when I would really rather trade y'all and get some of your awesome goodies!

Here's how it works:

It's really easy to start listing your items — I listed about six or seven in the matter of fifteen minutes or so. Then you can browse what others have available for swapping — I love the search feature. If you want something really specific, type it in and see what you can find. Or, just browse. Like I did through the shoes section... for maybe way too long (guilty. so guilty).

When you find something you want, simply select which pieces from your closet you'd be willing to swap for that item. Then just sit back and let Swapdom do all the work!

Why do I dig Swapdom so much? It's green. It's easy. And it's a really great way to update and clean out your closet — which I'm a huge fan of! Imagine all of the things you've probably thrown out or sold to a resale shop that you could have swapped for something totally awesome!

Need I say more? Get to it, and be sure to check me out on Swapdom!

This post is sponsored by the lovely folks at Swapdom!

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