MINI PENNY: Disney Villains Ursula Eyelash Set

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Disney Villains Ursula Eyelash Set

I'm obviously all about the Disney Villains x Walgreens collection — in case you missed it, I got my hands on the ELF nail polish collection and the Ursula Nail Art Kit. In line with my apparent underwater cosmetics spree, I opted for the Ursula lashes as well (in my heart of hearts, I wanted to love the Cruella De Vil collection most... because of reasons... but I gravitated towards The Little Mermaid villain).

Here's what you get for ten bucks:
● Ardell Lashes #105 Black
● Ardell Lashes #204 Black
● Ardell Lashes #134 Black
● Eye Lash Adhesive

Even though the lashes come with glue, I opt to use different types of adhesive. For short-term wear, I use self adhesive strips. They're super easy to use and not messy. When I plan on wearing my lashes for longer periods of time, I use dark glue — since I always wear black eyeliner, this makes the glue less visible. It goes on sort of grey but dries black.

#105 Black
These are a really basic lash strip. And in actuality, they're my favorite. Just enough oomph to lengthen your lashes without looking like Nicki Minaj (love you, baby girl).

#204 Black
Now, these are "doubled up," so they're very thick and noticeable. They give an awesome 3/4 or profile silhouette of the lashes, but in all honesty, I'm not a huge fan overall. This particular style, in my experience, liked to twist on the strip, making them kind of a pain to deal with.

#134 Black
Now these are super fun. They'd be tough to pull off with an every day comfy look, but definitely a great face accessory for a night out, special event, or holiday party. Love!

Overall, not a bad kit for $10 — the lashes I normally buy are usually around $7 a pair. I think perhaps I'm more excited about the packaging and delivery than the actual product (surprise, surprise), but I plan on rocking these in the near future.

Do you Minis wear false lashes? What are your favorite brands?

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