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Monday, January 20, 2014

Short(er) Hair Products

Just a couple months ago, I posted about what products I used to maintain my short bob. Well, now that I've gone even, um, shorter, the care process has gotten event easier. Check out my favorite short(er) hair products after the jump!

So, it's pretty simple. I have a couple of options: slick it back or let it go loosey goosey. Both are fun and have their time and place.

American Mortals Brother Moe's — This is a really simple spray that smells amazing and gives me just enough to work with for a fun tousled 'do. It's what I used in last week's outfit post!

Lay Rite Original Pomade — Brock's and his roommate turned me onto this stuff. I first noticed it around Brock's place a long time ago when his roommate shook Tori's hand before he was getting ready to go out and his hands smelled like vanilla from his pomade. Meow. So, yes, this is primarily a "men's" product, I suppose — on their site, it shows a great video on how to do a pomp with it (maybe I'll do that someday, who knows). But for now, I'm using about half a tablespoon and working it through my hair to give a moderate slick back like you see in the post photo. My hair has great volume already, so this stuff really helps me control it. Totally great and smells fantastic.

Short-haired ladies (and men) — what are your favorite products?

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