MINI PENNY: Silver Screen Style // Forrest Gump

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Silver Screen Style // Forrest Gump

It's been a little while since I've posted a Silver Screen Style. I took a little break for February, but no worries — it's back!

I really love the movie Forrest Gump. I really enjoyed it as a kid, but honestly hadn't watched it for a really long time (probably since high school?). I noticed a couple of weeks ago that it was on Netflix and put it on as background noise while I was working. Well, I ended up being glued to the thing as if I had never seen it before. This movie is so. Good. The depth of the characters and the cross-stories are amazing. By the end of the thing, I was crying. Crying! Over a movie I have seen a million times! But no shame. This is such a great flick.

I remember as a kid loving Jenny's style. Granted, I'm not into the boho/hippie thing, but I specifically recall wanting the shoes she was wearing just as she was about to jump off the balcony. They were some silvery platform heels.

Piped Andie Chino, J. Crew // Crinkle Gingham Shirt, Topshop // Cameron Satchel Bag, Frye // Cortez Shoes, Nike // A box of chocolates

Viscose Convertible slip, Free People // Kimchi Blue Scarf Print Kimono Jacket, UO // Southbound Faux Shearling Jacket, Forever21

And can't choke down fifteen Dr. Peppers? Then just pick up the lip gloss.

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