MINI PENNY: A Frozen Lake on Film

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Frozen Lake on Film

Yesterday was a pretty great [almost] free day. I think the only thing we spent money on was the film and developing we did. We started the day with some amazing Fat Tuesday Banana Cream Pie at Bang Bang thanks to Popular Pays. We had already planned a museum free day and for me to give him some tips on shooting film — I let him borrow one of my Minolta SLRs and I packed up my Holga 135 and we hit the road.

That last image of the train was actually his. I thought it was pretty good considering this was his first time shooting with an SLR! And of course, I snapped a few iPhone photos for a quick(er) fix:

Shoes c/o Nike Chicago

It's so much fun shooting with film and I want to get into the habit of doing it more often. Even though I sold a lot of cameras from my collection recently, I have a lot of different fun ones floating around that I need to dust off. It felt great getting out by the lake and seeing the (hopefully) last bit of winter!

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