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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The White Jacket

As a part of Mini Penny's blog birthday, I'm taking a look back at one of my first series — The 30 Day Fashion Challenge. Check back every day for a look at how big of a difference three years can make!

Today's 30DFC post is a combination of two previous about shoes I love and shoes that I love but hardly wear. It's no secret that shoes are my thing. And this winter has supplied me with lots of beautiful shoes that I haven't had the chance to wear yet (but more on those when the weather warms up...).

So for a favorite pair of shoes, I landed on these boots that I wore the hell out of last year. They're the Jeffrey Campbell Everwell boot. It's really no exaggeration that I wore these everywhere and with everything — denim, shorts, dresses, motorcycle trips, work, to the store, whatever. I love them because they look awesome with everything and they're majorly comfortable while adding a little bit of height. They have taken quite a beating, but I have no complaints because they show that they've been really lived in.

If you follow me elsewhere on social media, you may have noticed me mentioning that the past few days have been pretty hard for me. Aside from personal relationship issues, I had been interviewing for a job that I was actually really interested in. After in-person meetings, I got an automated (womp womp) email the other day that they passed on me for another candidate. It's one thing to not get a job — especially with a team that I was excited about potentially joining — but it's a totally different thing to get that icky automated and impersonal email.

I have spoken in the past about some cabin fever issues with this Chicago winter. Recently I've felt totally secluded and stressed from being at home a lot. I think that going to a job everyday (or every few days, or whatever) would give me some of this face-to-face interaction that I've been missing. The rejection email sort of felt like if I had tripped and fallen just as I was rounding third base.

But even though Monday was the icing on my cake, so to speak, I decided to give myself a haircut and dye touch up to lighten my mood. It did. And then I ordered a pizza. It's hard to be bummed while eating pizza. ;)

I had mentioned pants similar to these in my March wishlist, but saw these at Marshall's (I had never been to a Marshall's before...). The pair from NeedSupply are amazing, but these are a slightly different fabric (almost dressier) and I could try them on in a physical store. They were winners immediately.

Snake Cuff Earring, SammyDress [similar]
White Leather Jacket, Nasty Gal [similar]
Mossimo Denim Jacket, Thrifted [similar]
Striped Crop Top, H&M [similar]
Kenar Trouser, Marshall's [similar]
Everwell Boot, Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace, DIY found objects
State Army Sunglasses, Han Kjøbenhavn

Photos by Tori Harmon.

Be sure to compare the 30DFC // Favorite Shoes and 30DFC // Shoes I Love But Don't Wear posts from 2011!

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