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Monday, April 28, 2014

Los Angeles

It had been over a year since I visited LA — last time was for the Spring Breakers premiere and party in Hollywood. This time around, I was solo and working on another fun project and still had time to explore for myself, visit friends, and shoot around.

A big change for me was that this time around, I stayed in DTLA. Every time I've been to LA, I've stayed in Hollywood, so this was a great change of pace. I was very excited to stay in the new Ace Hotel. It did not disappoint.

The Ace is in the historic United Artists building. From talking to the locals, everyone was in agreement that the DTLA area is up-and-coming and that the renovation of all of these old buildings is becoming more and more common (for reference, UO renovated the old Rialto Theatre just down the street shortly after I left. I stopped by that new location and it's snazzy-as-f). The United Artists building had crazy detail — even this creepy neon that they light each night, flickering-V and all.

On the roof of the Ace, there's a fantastic pool and bar. My first night in town, my friend Roxy met up with me for dinner at LA Chapter, drinks at the bar, and a relaxing evening in the jacuzzi-style pool. Now, most LA-ers (-ites? -ians?) may have scoffed at someone in a bikini on a night in the low-60°s, but after the winter the rest of us have had, I was determined to take advantage of that mutant-pool-slash-hot-tub no matter what.

Along with the rest of my experience, the rooms, staff, food, and views were great. Yes, my room had a view of a Banksy work. Yes, the coffee shop downstairs served Stumptown. Yes, they had a Photo Booth. If you're in a city with an Ace Hotel, I highly recommend checking it out. They somehow made my trip that much better.

I worked for most of the afternoon and evening on Wednesday, but earlier in the day took my time walking around DTLA. There are some incredible buildings and details all around that area and I'm hoping that on my next trip I'll have time to experience more.

While wandering around, I spotted some Obey street art (this Fiend Skull is pretty rad), some fun neon signage, the Bradbury Building (which was GORGEOUS), and the Acne Studios store. Let's just put it this way — being at the Acne Studios store made me grateful I don't believe in credit cards. It was so tempting and wonderful.

And of course, my trip wouldn't have been complete without seeing this guy. Shawn was one of my best friends when we both lived in Columbus and worked at Apple. It had been nearly five years since we had been together, so he picked me up and we grabbed some In-N-Out Burger (standard, really). It was so awesome seeing him and Roxy this time around and they've got me yearning for more California trips!

It was a whirlwind and it was fantastic. Hopefully I can visit again soon! Thanks for the great time, Los Angeles!

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