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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review // Fergie for Wet n Wild

Let's get something out of the way — I am indifferent on both Fergie and Wet n Wild. I don't dislike either, but I don't consider myself a fan of either either. So how did I end up with four Fergie for Wet n Wild products? Answer: Walgreens.

I'm one of those people who wanders into Walgreens to buy paper towels or coffee filters or something boring like that and then end up coming out with some nail polish and other things I don't need. This buy actually started last fall when I picked up the eyeshadow and shimmer palettes. I was intending to write about them, but it fell by the wayside. A few days ago, though, I picked up some lip products and they sort of pushed me over the edge to write a small review.

I'm no stranger to drugstore and frugal makeup spending — I'm a huge fan of ELF cosmetics, which are about as cheap as you can get. In total, these four items cost me less than $15. And honestly, I was surprised by their qualities.

Like I mentioned, I bought the eyeshadow and shimmer palettes last fall. I use them here and there, but they are both normally ignored when my Julep eyeshadow palette is within reach.

Bulletproof Glide Eyeshadow Palette — Neutral. I'm always so neutral with eyes. This palette has a black, gunmetal, sliver, neutral green/brownish, and beige. I really love the neutral green shade — it's almost army-green-like. The shadows aren't super pigmented (I would go as far to say that the beige is unusable on my skin), so they work for me since I normally opt for a light coverage anyway. The darkest shade does give a lot a shadow if one were to work up and layer. What's more impressive is their wearability. Here I have the green paired with the gunmetal and my Milani eyeliner. Since they're light, they don't crease on me when I'm using my ELF eyelid primer.

Rosé Champagne Glow Shimmer Palette — I really love this palette for spring and summer. In the winter, my skin gets pretty pale, so I avoid my blush routine a bit. This palette is a nice mix of pinks and corals and has a light coverage as well, making it really easy to wear through the day. For me, it was best when I was able to get past the top layer of shimmer on the palette.

Vicious Varnish in Epic — I bought this because I was really looking for a sheer, deep red lip gloss. And in my head, buying a $3 lipgloss means it will probably be sheer. I was wrong. This high shine lip stain is very pigmented. And it's actually really lovely. I am impressed by the color and how long it lasts and will probably be returning to buy more colors. At first, I was turned off by the weird little sponge applicator, but it hasn't proven to be as much as a problem as I assumed. I will say that you should definitely exfoliate your lips prior to using this gloss or you may get a weird texture. Also: 'lip stain' is very true! This can either be a pro or con depending on the situation. Once I removed it, it left my lips a deep red stain. Not mad about it.

And then there's the black lipstick...

What compelled me to buy Wet n Wild black lipstick? I have no idea. I own black lipsticks. I own a sheer grey lipstick. And again, I assumed that because this was $3, that it would be sheer. And again, I was wrong. It's really pigmented!

For comparison, L-R: Wet n Wild in Pagan Angel, NYX Lipstick in Penelope, and Urban Decay in Oil Slick.

The Wet n Wild lipstick is not nearly as deep as the NYX, but still offers more coverage that the sheer Urban Decay Oil Slick (which is one of my favorite lipsticks!). For the photo above, I used an Urban Decay lip primer before applying and it applied very dark! The texture is smooth. So if you're looking for an easy-to-find, cheap black lipstick out of season, I recommend picking this one up. I think I'm going to get the Ferguson Crest Cabernet next!

Have you tried any from this line? If not, what's your favorite drugstore brand?

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