MINI PENNY: Skort and Sweet

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Skort and Sweet

I haven't owned a skort since, ermmm, maybe the 6th grade. I remember that I had this one I loved. It was neon green and I always wore it with a yellow and white striped baby tee. Basically I looked like a tiny spokesperson for Sprite. In my head, I thought I looked like a Spice Girl.

These days, there's no lime green in my closet. But I did pick up this skort for a couple dollars at the Urban Outfitters sale store when I went to visit some of my old coworkers. Finally, "shorts" that are long enough to reasonably cover my bum!

Oh and I added a new addition to my ring collection. Check out this Moon Ring I got from 9th & Elm! I get lots of compliments on it. [insert weird full moon emoji]

Can I just point out that I might almost be willing to live through "polar vortex" winters every year if it means having summers as beautiful and cool as this one has been so far.

White eyelet bustier, URBN Sample Sale [similar]
Floral Skort, Band of Gypsies [similar]
Shoe Cult Minx Pumps, Nasty Gal [similar]
Black tote, An Honest Tote by Mini Penny
Branch Necklace, UO Surplus
Radio Sunglasses, Cheap Monday
Adjustable Space Ring, c/o 9th & Elm

Photos by Brock Myres

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