MINI PENNY: 12 Lists // Numbers 6 + 7 + 8

Sunday, August 30, 2015

12 Lists // Numbers 6 + 7 + 8

Whoa, whoops! I got a little behind on this list project! When the subject was posted for May (party essentials), I wasn't feeling terribly inspired to write about it. Why? Because I rarely throw parties! I love parties, but I have had enough experience planning parties and events for work, that I don't do much of that in my free time. Either way, check out my picks for Party Essentials (I'm trying!), My Favorite Apps, and Trials I Have Overcome.

Number 6: Make A List of Party Essentials
Like I said, I have done my fair share of partying. I'm not a social butterfly by any means, so my party essentials are much more mundane than many peoples'! Here's what I like to see when I attend parties.

  • Snacks! Yeah, okay, this is obvious. I have a total sweet tooth!
  • A photo booth. Whether it's a rented photo booth set up or a DIY version, these are great fun and make for lots of great party memories.
  • Whiskey and Ginger Beer, with lime. I'm not a beer person, but I can get down with some mixed drinks. This is my alcoholic beverage of choice.
  • If it's a small party with friends, I like funny games like Apples to Apples!

Number 7: Make A List of the Apps You Use Most Often
This one is easy. I use my iPhone and iPad a lot! There are a few key apps that I love and recommend to everyone! 
  • VSCOcam. I love everything VSCO makes. VSCOcam is hands down my favorite editing program! I have all of the filters and aim to use the grid feature more often.
  • Enlight. This is another photo editing program. I like to use Enlight when I need to only edit a small portion of an image. You can mask off areas of an image! This is really useful for me prior to posting to Instagram.
  • Instagram. Duh! I use this one all the time.
  • RadPad. I've been on the search for a new place, so I use this all the time looking for a new place. I love the interface. Fingers crossed for a new (lovely) place soon!
  • RewardStyle. For bloggers, this is really helpful to schedule Instagram posts. 
  • Feedly. This is my RSS reader of choice! I use it on the iPad, iPhone, and my Mac! They all sync, so it's the perfect way to bookmark content across all devices.

Number 8: Make A List of Trials You've Overcome
It's hard to admit when we've had hard times. For me, definitely, pride can sometimes get in the way of asking for help from friends or family. In retrospect, my trials have certainly helped me become a better, more caring person.
  • In 2008, I had an adverse reaction to birth control that left me ill for nearly a year. I lost facets of my social life, my boyfriend at the time, and a job that I really enjoyed. I was anemic and slept a lot. It was really hard for me to handle all of the things I felt like I had lost, but as I started to get better, I really appreciated those people who had stood by me!
  • When I moved to Philadelphia a few years back, I only had two friends and already didn't like the city much. I was excited to start a new job there, but time showed me that I didn't actually feel like the company was a good fit for me. So after many months of feeling unsafe and alone in a new city, I picked myself up and moved to Chicago!
  • Over the past decade, I've definitely had toxic friends. As I get older, I find these people easier to shed. Nowadays I really love being around my creative, smart, and considerate friends. At the time, I took it pretty hard when friendships fell through, but looking back, I know it was for the better!
In the big picture, I know that my trials are nowhere near what other people in my community, country, and world go through, so I am thankful for that. Additionally, I don't discount what anyone else is going through, because you just never know someone elses' story until you get to know them!


How about you? What do you need for parties? What are your favorite apps? What trials have you overcome?

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