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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Lists

I've decided to combine my lists into one monthly post — for a while I've been participating in the 12 Lists Project from Clear the Way and Chez Gillian, plus I recently got a copy of Moorea Seal's The 52 Lists Project. Rather than bombarding y'all with a million MySpace-bulletin-style lists, I figured it would be easier and a little more productive to put them in one column at the end of the month. And besides, it's a better opportunity for you to share your list projects with me in the comments! If you're following along with The 52 Lists Project or the 12 Lists Project, share your blog or Instagram links in the comments!

12 Lists Project
Not surprisingly, the theme for the Twelve Lists Project is about the Best Part of Autumn. I just so happened to write my very own version of this just a few days prior, based on my Favorite Fall Things. Like just about anyone and everyone, I love the weather change, the leaves, the pumpkins, and the holidays. It's my favorite season!

The 52 Lists Project
I'm excited to do a monthly round up of my pages for the included weeks. This book has already been a really fun way to think about different parts of my life and inspire myself to think a little deeper. I'm starting in the middle — week 36 — to correspond with the seasons properly in the book.

My biggest take aways from this month were a few things. First, I need to do more outdoor things! I love being outdoors and sometimes it's a little too easy to be cooped up inside working. Secondly, I prefer to spend my money on experiences, not things. Three, I should give myself more time by delegating projects and asking for help! And finally, I suck at listing music.

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