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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Boys Want To Be Her

I have been going. through. it. I feel like years of disappointing relationships has hardened me (and made me much more private), but somehow this week got to me. The person I have been dating for the past six months dumped me and I can't help but feel all sorts of ugly shortcomings. Ya know? Real life stuff. Not happy-go-lucky, my-life-is-perfectly-curated Instagram stuff. I spent a couple days in bed. I ugly cried while scrolling through puppy adoption pages. All of it. I thought about taking time off from Mini Penny but I can't bring myself to do it. I love it here, and even just getting out of the house yesterday to shoot these photos made me feel a lot better. I suppose, like everyone else, a big thing for me in trying times is comfort. A good friend of mine has a beautiful clothing line called Wulfka — everything is designed and made in Chicago — and the new fall collection is full of soft and cozy pieces. I have been living in this Goodall Cropped Sweater. The sleeves are extra long, the fabric is extra soft, and I feel like I can be comfortable while also looking my best. Bonus points: supporting friends, local business, and women. The collection is called Boys Want to Be Her and is an homage to the designer's (Kate!) personal heroes.

This silhouette (the not-fitted pants, the layered tops) is out of my norm but I'm loving it. It feels so casual and not-fussy, and the monochromatic palette really does something futuristic for me.

What are your best self-care tips for getting over a break up? I'm not much of a tub person (and I just got my thigh tattooed so I can't be submerged in water anyway, ack!), but have found some comfort in face masks and podcast binging. I think treating myself to a visit to the hair salon would lift my spirits, but I just have not gotten to that point yet.

Please go check out Kate and Wulfka! Support small and local businesses here in Chicago. Thanks, loves!

Goodall Cropped Sweater in Sage, c/o Wulfka
Sheer Tank, Thrifted [ similar ]
Chino Pants, Vans x UO [ similar ]
Issie Sneakers, Calvin Klein [ similar | similar ]
Convertible Pebbled Leather Bucket Bag, Zara [ similar ]

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