MINI PENNY: Moving to Blogger.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Moving to Blogger.

Originally, the Mini Penny blog was living over on Tumblr. While I love Tumblr (the design, the community, the simplicity), I'm feeling as though Blogger is a better platform for the content of MP. Sometimes I just want to talk and talk and talk, and well, Tumblr isn't built for that.

So for those of you who were already following me on Tumblr, please bear with me while I work out the Blogger kinks. To be honest this is my first time using this blogging outlet, so it might take me a second to get the hang of it.

Meanwhile, what should you expect to see here? Rather than redundant posts of "Hi, I have this for sale," I hope to spread a little more information regarding my personal style and fashion inspiration (possibly via my Lookbook account?) and other tidbits that I find interesting.

I plan on making the same transformation with my Twitter, so be prepared! Comments are enabled, so if there are any suggestions of items you'd like to see, let me know!

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