MINI PENNY: Dinosaur Day.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dinosaur Day.

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Our original plans for the day were to bike down to COSI and see the new dinosaur exhibit. By the time Geoff was home from his skateboarding adventure, it had already reached 90° and was quite windy. Since we had both had just showered, we decided to drive and pay for parking rather than get sticky and gross.

So let me just say this, if you're planning on going to the new dinosaur exhibit at COSI, don't. Luckily we only spent a total of $9 to get in (plus $4 parking) with our memberships, but it normally costs $20 (!!??!!). I know, right? And it wasn't even a good exhibit. Sure, there were some animatronic dinosaurs and a little maze where you learn some facts, but I would say that over 50% of the exhibit was a cluster of video games. Is this what science and museum centers are coming to? I hope not. I know that kids these days have the attention span of a rock, but please don't give them video games as an educational tool.

Aside from that, it's boiling outside today. After the museum we stopped by DQ for some ice cream. We're planning on relaxing indoors until the temperature drops a little bit and then hopefully go out for a ride tonight. As for my outfit:

Silver rhinestone bicycle necklace, Forever 21
Sheer floral blouse, thrifted
Black leather belt with gold hardware, thrifted
H&M Skirt, Rag-O-Rama ReSell Shop
Black and White Plastic striped ring, Claire's
Kimchi Blue Teardrop Oxfords in cream, UO
Revlon Va Va Violet lipstick, Kroger

What are you doing this memorial day weekend?

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