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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lime Crime Review

Alright, allow me to preface this review by saying I have really mixed views on this company. I really want to dislike them, but I dig the product (kind of how I feel about Apple as well, but that's a whole other story...). Okay, so I ordered the Lime Crime Pop Romance lipstick in Coquette. I am in love! See more details and swatches after the jump.

My first reaction to the packaging was that DANG. It's really pink. I don't like pink much, but I suppose that it is what it is. The teal boxes that they use to mail the product are far cuter than the box on the lipstick itself!  The tube seems very cheap. When I shake it, I can hear the lipstick jiggle around in the tube. No me gusta.

A swatch on my skin... can you even see it?
I did a swatch on my skin, but it's so close to my color that it's difficult to see. Like I mention in the video, I have very pink undertones. Since this "nude" has a bit of peach to it, it seems to match up pretty closely to my skin. That's really what I was hoping for when I bought this color.

Pardon my messy hair! Click to embiggen!
My final verdict is that I love it. As much as I wanted to have a negative thing to say, all I can complain about is the company's past discrepancies. Let's hope that they clear all of this up and continue to make more vegan cosmetics! I received my package in two days, which I thought was really amazing.

I'm not here to tell anyone what to buy and what not to buy. I simply wanted to give an honest review of a product that I purchased. I think it's important for everyone to research who they're buying from and make the decision for themselves. As for me, I'm going to keep Lime Crime's products in mind from here on out. As much as I want to try the blue and lilac colors, the reviews I've read are not favorable for the pigmentation. Who knows, maybe one day I'll stumble upon them!

Have you tried Lime Crime? What are your favorite shades?


  1. hey there, I have recently purchased cosmopop, and airbourne unicorn. I love them both! I'm waiting for D'lilac to be back in stock so I can get it. I have really pale skin (I'm scottish and Austrian)and blonde hair, but airbourne unicorn *purply pink* looks pretty good, if you dont mind really bright colours. I think the D'lilac *pastel purple* will work even better! and I think it would be really pretty on you! I would like to try NEW YOLK CITY, but I'm not sure if I could actually pull off wearing yellow lipstick...but who knows. I really wish they had samples, but at least there is a no questions asked return policy, so I'm not too scared to give them a try :)

  2. Robyn! I love the D'Lilac. Some of the other reviews I read about it say that it is a little drying. I want to give it a shot! The New Yolk City and the Mint To Be Colors are lovely, but like you, I'm not sure if I could pull them off!

    I recently ordered some lip color from NYX - specifically a bright pink, an orange that looks similar to Lime Crime's My beautiful Rocket, and black. I plan on doing a review for those as well!

    Thanks for the comment and for checking out the blog! :)


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