MINI PENNY: Canoe or Kayak?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Canoe or Kayak?

Okay, so I did not wear this on our canoeing trip today. This was for the rest of our adventures (which was basically just grocery shopping and a short walk). See more after the jump!

Geoff and I went on a 6-mile canoe trip this afternoon. It was my first time canoeing (I’ve only been white water rafting) and it was pretty fun. I did have two brief moments of terror — one included us smashing into a tree root that sent me flying off my seat and my waterproof camera floating downstream, and the other included me ducking under a branch, getting stuck, and realized there were giant spiders in front of my face. The good news is that my wildness instinct helped me get my camera back and not be eaten alive by the most foul creatures I have ever set eyes on.

I’m wearing NYX Bronzer #1 as eyeshadow! I love the gold shimmer. I’m wearing Lime Crime Coquette on my lips. I really need to re-color my dip dye, but I’m kind of digging it as-is.

Vintage floral print blouse, thrifted
BDG Velvet Skinny Belt, UO
BDG High rise denim shorts, UO
Deena & Ozzy asymmetrical wedges, UO

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