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Friday, June 10, 2011

E.L.F. Cosmetics Haul and Review

Hello lovely readers!

I was shocked when I checked my mail this morning and saw that my order from E.L.F. Cosmetics had already come. That means this came in just five days four days (it had to have come in yesterday's post). How awesome is that? Not only am I impressed by the quick turn around, but also the great quality of the products. See the full review after the jump.

So here's the run down:
Lip Plumper and Primer ($3)
High Definition Powder ($6)
Zip Zapper ($1)
Professional Eye Shadow Brush ($1)
Brightening Eye Color (Free with Referall)

I ended up spending $12.45 because I had a 50% coupon and it was six dollars and some change for shipping. I would definitely say that this is a deal.

Lip Plumper and Primer. I was disappointed to find that the "Plumper" end of my stick was broken. Regardless, I still think it's useable and have tried it. I could definitely feel the tingling and it seems to have had a little bit of an effect so far. As far as the primer side goes — it's really smooth and my lipstick seems to take well over top of it. I would say that this is worth the three dollars. Hopefully when I order this again it won't come in broken!

High Definition Powder. I decided to get this powder after watching multiple YouTube reviews comparing it to much more expensive products. Its texture is incredible and it has a noticeable effect on my skin. I recommend only taking off half of the sticker so that you don't get a ton of loose powder wandering around the container. This can easily be accomplished by using and exacto knife to cut the plastic down the center. Again, this product is worth the $6!

Zip Zapper. Like I said in the video, I don't have any pimples right now, so it's hard for me to test this. I'll have to wait until one comes up (and trust me, I'm not hoping for it!). My coworker and friend, Tish, loves this stuff and has had good luck with it so far. She was fortunate enough to find it at Target. This product is only one dollar. I'll keep you updated!

Professional Eye Shadow Brush. While it's larger than my last eyeshadow brush, the bristles are soft and it is constructed well. Yet again, another ELF product that is worth the one dollar!

Brightening Eye Color in Drama. This was my free gift for referring three friends. While I'm not big into eye shadow, this palette is still nice for the price — normally one dollar as well. There's a bit of a shimmer and the pigment is heavy. There are quite a few color choices, so if you're into shadows, check out this product!

Essential Lipstick in Posh (not pictured). While the lipstick wasn't part of this order, I still wanted to review it. I bought it last weekend at Target for a dollar (normal price, not on sale). It had been my first time using ELF and it's what got me convinced to order from their website. I had originally planned to buy a red drugstore brand lipstick, but opted to get Posh for one dollar. I'm glad I did!

Overall, I think that ELF is an awesome brand. There products are all labelled as no animal testings, have great prices, quick shipping, and the product themselves are good quality. ELF is also very active on Facebook — if you have a question or consider, they are quick to reply. I love good customer service!

In the future I'm thinking about their bronzer, eyelid primer and essential plumping glaze. Have you used ELF? What are you favorite products?

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  1. Okay, saw this on Facebook, had to contribute ;)
    My all-time favorite e.l.f. product, hands down, is the Tinted Moisturizer from the Studio Line ($3!). It's light and silky and the best!
    I also realllyyyyy love the Complexion Perfection (also only $3!). It evens skin tone and creates a very beautiful, translucent look(:


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