MINI PENNY: Fashion Challenge Day Five: Jewelry You Received as a Gift

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fashion Challenge Day Five: Jewelry You Received as a Gift

Photo by Phillip Chester, 2009
This was a rather difficult post for me for multiple reasons. The first is that I rarely get gifted jewelry. It's something that I always buy for myself and never buy expensive things. The second reason is because I have foul memories of the person who gave me this necklace.

I used to be a fan of some band a while back. I shot some photographs of them during one of their Kentucky shows and randomly met one of the members at a local bar here in Columbus the night before their show. After chatting with him for a bit, he put me on the photo list for their show the following night and their Chicago show the day after. So I bummed around with these dudes for a couple of days, and the bass player ended up giving me this charm from his necklace. I ended up seeing this dude for a hot second and fell out of it pretty quickly. I think I still have this charm floating around my jewelry box, but can't be sure since I haven't really gone looking for it in ages. In retrospect, the whole ordeal was silly. But now I can have a laugh about it. 

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