Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fashion Challenge Day Fourteen: If You Could Style Any Celeb

This was a tough challenge for me. In all honesty, I don't really "look up" to any celebrities. In fact, there's aren't a lot of people that I consider to be my idols or fashion icons. I had to do some thinking.

At first I thought of Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreation. I love that show, and I love her character in it. But I wasn't sold one hundred percent that I'd be into styling her. Then it hit me.

For a long while I have considered Tina Fey to be a beautiful, smart, strong, and funny woman. She's not pushing a thinspo image, nor cattiness, nor fake tanner. I genuinely like her, or at least the persona. Sure, it would be a challenge for me to style her, but the experience would be awesome.

Sure, the photo above is from Esquire and they sexed her up quite a bit. But in my opinion I think the glasses-and-cardigan look on her is absolutely gorgeous and that she has a great mind to back it up. Could I ask for anything more?

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