MINI PENNY: Fashion Challenge Day Nine: Your Cosmetic Bag

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fashion Challenge Day Nine: Your Cosmetic Bag

I've never considered myself to be a person who wears a lot of makeup. Lately I've been getting into lip color a little more, but that's about it. I have a history of wearing a lot of eye makeup, though, and I'm still guilty of the liquid liner swoop.

Back in 2009 I wore a lot of eye makeup, apparently.

Anyway, the first image outlines just about everything in my makeup kit right now. Like I said, it isn't a lot. I currently have some items coming in the post from NYX and ELF, but I'll save all of that for another day and another review. Here's the breakdown (I tried to do this from left to right, top to bottom):

What about you? Do you have any staples in your cosmetics case? Better yet, do any of you use those awesome/terrible Caboodles cases from the 90s? I've been looking for one lately... 

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