MINI PENNY: Fashion Challenge Day Nineteen: Fashion Icons

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fashion Challenge Day Nineteen: Fashion Icons

I picked a few lovely ladies for this. And pardon my redundancy on one of these, but I really can't help it. I had a hard time choosing my fashion icon(s). Normally I don't really look specifically at one person's style and attempt to replicate it, I instead take bits and pieces from images that I see floating around in magazines and blogs.

First I'll state my obvious choice, Diane Keaton. I love her. I think she's such a simple (I mean that as a compliment) and complete beauty. She has aged so wonderfully. I especially love her signature menswear look!

I adore Peg Bundy. I used to watch Married... With Children with my brothers when I was younger. Now I have been catching up with the entire series on Netflix and can't help but to swoon over her clothing. My boyfriend dubs her style as "trashy done well." I supposed that's one way to put it. I love the high rise and the animal prints. And it doesn't hurt to be so damn sassy.

And finally, how could I not include my childhood idols? During a couple of years in the 90s, I regularly  pretended that I was Scary Spice. Still, if I had to choose one as my favorite, it would certainly be Melanie B. Her hair and her leopard prints are so fun. I find the current state of Victoria Beckham to be rather boring, but found her Royal Wedding outfit to be really lovely. As for Geri, Emma, and Mel C, I could take and leave certain parts of their characters and outfitting. Nowadays I can appreciate Geri's sexy-curvy-redhead appeal, but as a child I didn't really get it. Emma is cutesy, but a bit too much for me, while Mel C is too sporty for my tastes. But she does have a gold tooth, which I would love to have! Speaking of which, does anyone know of a place in Columbus, Ohio, that will make a cap for a single tooth? Maybe a place that makes grills?

Who are your fashion icons?

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  1. Peggy Bundy was the shit, I too thought I was Scary Spice as well haha. I still have pictures of her in my phone as inspiration for when I wear my hair curly.
    If you lived in NY I'd tell ya where you could get grills or a gold tooth lol! Too bad you live in Ohio I don't know much about over there. One gold tooth remind me of old Panamanian ladies that live in my hood they always have one teehee. Awesome blog!



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