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Fashion Challenge Day Seven: Shoes You Love But Hardly Wear

Posted on: Sunday, June 5, 2011

I picked these bright baby blue moccasins (the photo doesn't do them justice) up at a thrift store a few months ago and really love them. They're in great condition, are very comfortable and have awesome beading detail on the front. My only problem is this: what do I wear them with? I mean, they're bright blue (a little more saturated than these). Does anyone out there have any suggestions?


  1. I'd say pair them with something tan, maybe a wood brown :) A crisp clean white too!

  2. @kira — Thanks! That's a good suggestion :)

  3. I would say you could even do a white and black striped or geometric piece of clothing with it.

  4. @Heidi Jo — I think black and white stripes would go really well with the beads! I'm still working on an outfit with these. I love these suggestions!


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