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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fringe Theory

Tish told me that she loved this swimsuit, so I had to wear it to work today to show her how amazing it is in real life. I’m obsessed with it, seriously! I got it yesterday at the thrift store for $2 and it’s DKNY.

So we took a walk for a bit today, trying to get Geoff a tattoo appointment scheduled with still no luck. We wandered into a consignment store near our apartment that we had never been into and looked around for a bit. They had nice stuff, but I’m trying to be good until payday. Afterwards we took a walk around Grandview.

We walked down a weird street that we had never been down before. There were a lot of little old houses that were kind of run down. My mind was busy dreaming up what they could look like with a cute yard and a little bit of paint (okay, a lot of paint). There was even a 1910 church that was converted into a small home! It was a weird mix on that street.

At first my attention was drawn to a teal-colored building, but when we approached we saw that there was a run-down park behind it. There was a small basketball court with new nets and a new four square painting. The picnic tables were all very brightly colored, but the main haul was boarding up and the grass was very tall. We waded through the plants to get some cute photos.

There was a cat hiding under one of the tables that I tried to get close to, but he/she avoided me. The kitty looked kind of sick and scraggly and it made me really sad. I wish I could save all the poor little homeless cats. :(

We knocked out our grocery shopping early and I have the day off tomorrow. We’re going to try and get Geoff’s car all finished and maybe head to Cedar Point within the next week or so!

How could I possibly resist spinning when this is the result? Come on! The weather is beautiful!

Sequin headwrap, UO
Bull necklace, thrifted
Denim jacket, thrifted
DKNY coral fringed swimsuit, thrifted
Cotton grey skirt, Forever 21
Black leather belt with gold hardware, thrifted
Kimchi Blue flats in black, UO

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  1. Thank you for wearing that for me! :D hahahahaha That swimsuit is amazing


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