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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Long and Lovely Day

Today was really great and has felt like it has lasted forever. Check out the photos and the sangria recipe after the jump!

This morning started with Geoffrey and I biking 22 miles on the Olentangy Bike Path. We biked up to The Hills Market, rested, and headed back home. On our way back, there was a deer next to the path that didn't mind people. We hung out close to it and watched it and its velvet antlers for a bit and then went on our way. The weather was amazing and cool. Disclaimer: I recommend always riding your bike with two hands. These photos were taken by a seasoned self-portrait-whilst-on-a-bikeologist.

After we got home, showered, and cooled down, we headed up to Westerville for my sister-in-law's graduation party. She graduated from the Ohio State University today! Congats Andrea! Her party was wonderful with lots of sunshine and yummy food. Of course my mom made her famous buckeyes — and she even made some extras to send home with Geoff and me. I love my mom!

We were back from the party earlier than we had expected, so we walked to the grocery store and got all of the tasty ingredients for sangria. Want the recipe? Try this out:

One Apple (we went with Granny Smith)
One Orange
One Lime
One Yellow Peach
One container of Raspberries
One can of pineapple (with juice)
One box of boxed sangria (we used Vella)

We cut up all of the fruit (and I ate some of it) and threw it in a 72 ounce jug with a tap. We then filled it to the top with sangria. We obviously weren't able to fit the whole box of sangria in it, but that's okay. We were able to use the tap to get yummy sangria and a ladle to scoop fruits into our glasses! It was so delicious and I'm excited to try more variations.

Green floral dress, Thrifted + DIY
BDG Double wrap belt, UO
Kimchi Blue tan skimmers, UO

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