MINI PENNY: Shipping Container

Monday, June 13, 2011

Shipping Container

The weather was amazing again today. My mom came up early this morning so that we could go thrift shopping, eat some lunch, and go grocery shopping. She usually comes up every once and a while so we can go thrifting together. My mom did pretty well and was able to get a nice used baby high chair for when my sister-in-law and nephew visit us from California in two weeks!

We ate lunch at Noodles &amps; Company and headed to Kroger to pick up groceries. Geoff and I found an amazing recipe that mimics Pizza Hut's deep dish dough. We're going to be making calzones from it tonight. It was delicious as a pizza and I find it hard to imagine that it won't be good in other recipes. I'll let you know how it turns out!

After my mom left, we took a walk and came by this building that looked similar to a shipping container. I found it rather interesting but had no idea what it was being used for.

Floral Bodysuit, UO
Crystal Mineral Necklace, DIY
Teal Braided Belt, Forever 21
Acid Wash Shorts, Rag-O-Rama + DIY
Mossimo black sandals, Target
Ray-Ban Wayfarer IIs, Thrifted

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