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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Short North

Today Geoffrey and I went down to the Short North Yard Sale. The only thing I bought were an awesome pair of leather booty shorts from the cutest older gay man, but they didn’t end up fitting me so I’m going to throw them on Etsy next week. It was pretty stinkin’ hot outside, so we stayed in the shade the best we could. I got a little bit on sun on my shoulders.

Crystal Mineral Necklace, DIY
Pendleton Dopp Bag, UO
Single Feather Earring, DIY
Kimchi Blue Skimmers in black, UO
Acid Wash High-Rise Pants (cut into shorts), Rag-O-Rama ReSell Shop
Black leather belt with gold hardware, Thrited
Bitten Corduroy vest in tan, Thrifted
Sparkle and Fade Striped bodysuit, UO
Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Coquette, Lime Crime

I found a fun mirror and shot myself in it. From Instagram.
After we got home and relaxed in the AC for a little bit, we decided to hop on over to Grandview Pool. It's a really great local pool, but rather steep at $6 per person to get in. We live just on the outside line of Grandview Heights, so even if we wanted to get a 2-person membership it would be two hundred dollars. Eek. I'm still contemplating it.

Images by Chaplinnn on Instagram
Have I mentioned how much I love my bikini bottoms? I stumbled upon these American Apparel high waisted Micro Mesh briefs while they were having a 20% of swimwear sale and only had to pay $22! Aren't the just lovely?

As for the rest of the day, I grabbed a couple of new cosmetics that I might do a review for on Monday. I'm still unsure. Right now we're waiting for a storm to pass so that we can head down to the Short North Gallery Hop! Hooray for summer!

What are you getting into this weekend?

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